This is to inform that Delhi High Court has given an injunction restraining Mr. Gautam Kalikotey, Mr. Bikram Bhujel, Ms. Shafiqa Akhter and their associates or anybody else from doing the following acts :

1) Using the Plaintiffs’ mark INNER TRIP REIYUKAI INTERNATIONAL, ITRI, ITRI (logo) and/or Plaintiffs’ ECOSOC number and/or any other mark which is deceptively or confusing similar to the Plaintiffs’ INNER TRIP REIYUKAI INTERNATIONAL, ITRI and/or ITRI (logo) either as a domain name or part of the domain name, as a trade mark or part of a trade mark, as a name of a society or trade name or corporate name or as part of a trade or corporate name,  as a metatag or otherwise on the internet or the world wide web, or in any other manner whatsoever so as to infringe the registered trademarks of the Plaintiffs and/or pass off its services as emanating from the Plaintiffs as the case may be;

2) Using the United Nations (logo) in any manner whatsoever;

As previously mentioned, anybody dealing with them shall be doing so at their own risk and ITRI shall under no circumstances be responsible for any monetary or notional losses incurred by anyone on this account whatsoever.

All are advised to take note of the above.

Dated: 31.05.13

It has come to our notice that some people in West Bengal and Bihar and also through them in Delhi are operating by using the name and fame of ITRI by illegally projecting and posing themselves as the officials/Office bearers/Agents/Authorised persons of the ITRI organization (which is duly and legally registered under Trade Mark Act), despite the fact that ITRI has neither any branch office in West Bengal and Bihar nor has authorized any person or organization, nor any group of Persons to act or collect any money for any purpose for and on behalf of our organization, in any manner, whatsoever. Whosoever deals with such unscrupulous persons/Organisations/Group of Persons or pays them any money or anything in kind including providing goods and services etc., he or she would be himself/herself be entirely/solely responsible for the consequence thereof and we shall not at all, under any circumstances, shall be responsible for any illegal act or acts, collection of money or things from people in our name or behalf, as we have not authorized any Person/Persons/Groups/Organisations etc. to collect cash or kind nor to act on our behalf.
All concerned are requested to note accordingly.

Dated: 27.08.2012
 Inner Trip Reiyukai International (ITRI) is a progressive Non-Governmental Organization in the field of mental, physical and spiritual well being and education. The organization facilitates and implements projects in the area of value education and spiritual growth for all round growth of human personality.
 In today's strife torn world, conflict between nations, communities and different communities, it is imperative to arrive at the basic cause of this turbulence. The peace building process begins with the individual. If the individual is peaceful, the community, nation and countries will be peaceful as well.
ITRI's philosophy and practices aim to make the individual peaceful so that the entire society can become more peaceful. It says as you get to know yourself, you learn of your relations with others, and you begin to understand that the advancement of one is meaningless unless it contributes to the advancement of all.
Our goal is to work towards a world in which humanism thrives: a world in which individuals strive to better themselves, but not at the cost of others; a world in which humans live their lives conscious of the implications of each thought and action: a world which we can proudly bestow upon the generations to come.